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A Video Message From Pastor Johnson...

Re-Assemble in Person Action Plan... 



All of us miss being able to worship together as a church family. While we would like to pick up exactly where we left off, we realize that our coming back together will be a gradual process. The following action plan has been developed with much prayer, seeking leadership from God, consulting with state and local officials, and observing the effects of the coronavirus in our area. 


Specifically, we have reviewed the CDC’s guidelines for churches, (link below) we have contacted our Escambia County officials, including the sheriff’s office, we have reviewed Governor DeSantis’s orders, the Florida Department of Health and the recommendations of the Christian Law Association. 


After all of that, we believe the following action plan is reasonable and represents our eagerness to gather together with God’s people to worship Him in a biblical way. 


The safety of our church family and obedience to God are of the utmost consideration in our decisions. 


As you review our action plan, please keep the following things in mind:

  1. There will be varying opinions within our church and within our community regarding how and when we re-assemble. The best we can do is make wise decisions concerning information at hand and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are in this together as a family. Let’s support, pray for, and encourage one another.

  2. This action plan is subject to change as information updates and as God leads. Please check back regularly for updated schedules.

  3. We want to encourage all those that fall in high risk categories to continue to make decisions that protect your health. Do not feel compelled to participate in anything you feel places you in jeopardy. All online worship options will remain in place.

  4. Before we bring any groups back together, our facilities will have been thoroughly disinfected and will continue to be disinfected between meetings. We will also have instituted safety precautions that comply with all social distancing and cleanliness guidelines.



Beginning MAY 10 

  • Sunday 10:30AM - People are invited to attend in person. There will be no nursery or junior church but the services will not be lengthy. Children are welcome to sit with their parents. Unfortunately there will be no choir at this point. 

  • While with us for the service, we will ask everyone to practice social distancing and stay approximately six feet apart except from your biological family. Our ushers will help seat people so that we can maintain social distancing. 


  • Weather permitting, we may hold services outside, so bring a jacket just in case we decide to meet outside. The location of our gathering, (whether outside or inside) will be determined on a service by service basis. 


  • We will refrain from a corporate handshake time. Also, for those who feel like they need it, there will be hand sanitizer available in the auditorium. If you’d like to wear a mask while you attend, you’re welcome to do that.  Masks are worn primarily to protect others not the wearer.  (Surgeons have worn masks for years to protect patients not necessarily themselves.)  It can be viewed as an act of brotherly love to wear a mask. 

  • Sunday May 10th 6:00PM - There will be no in person gathering for that evening service.  This will allow us an opportunity to make sure the church auditorium is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned.  Please join us for live stream.  

  • Wednesday – In person Bible Study – Starting May 13 

    • 7PM Adult Bible Study - In person and live stream 

    • 7PM Thrive Teen Meeting - In person led by Jonathan Kyser 


**All services on Sunday and Wednesday, will continue to be live streamed as normal. 

**During the month of May there will be no children's classes or nursery. 


The benefits of gathering again are huge!  The benefits include fellowshipping with God’s people, singing together as a congregation, hearing preaching in person, and enjoying one another’s spiritual gifts. 


If you feel uncomfortable attending under these circumstances, please stay home.


After a reassessment of the national and local pandemic situation, we will tentatively plan to proceed with the following...


JUNE 14th 

  • Sunday Services will continue

  • Sunday School will start back up.

  • Children’s Church will start back up. 

  • Wednesday evening in-person gatherings will continue. 


We will plan to resume the Awana ministry in September. 


Special NOTE:  At any point, if you are feeling sick, we want you to stay home, rest and recover. If you have pre-existing conditions or are considered unusually vulnerable because of a weakened immune system, please continue to benefit from our live stream ministry. 


Link to CDC Guidelines:



The CDC provides safety and health cautions that churches should post on their premises and on May 10,  you will see them displayed around our facilities. 


We are excited to gather in person again as a church, specifically excited to see how the Lord will work in the coming days. 


This is a very unique time in church history. We are “running the race that is set before us.”  It’s important that each of us continue “Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.”  - Hebrews 12:1, 2

Memorial Day Weekend

Tomorrow, May 24th, at the beginning of the morning service, we will have a special time of recognition and honor for those who have given their lives in service for our great country.  

MISSIONARY Lloyd William

Sunday May 24th we will have Missionary Lloyd William as our guest.  He will present His ministry in the morning service.  In the evening, via live stream, Brother Lloyd will provide special music.  God has called him to work with Dr. Ken Fielder and Worldview Ministries.  As a well-trained linguist, Lloyd's focus is to help translate the Word of God for people groups who do not have it in their language. 

"Without vision the people perish."    - Proverbs 29:18

Sunday, May 24 – 6 PM will be live stream only.  
There will be no in person gathering for that evening service. This will allow us an opportunity to make sure the church auditorium is thoroughly sanitized and cleaned before our Wednesday gathering. 


Wednesday, May 27th - 7:00 PM - The church is invited to assemble in the church auditorium for prayer-meeting and Bible study. Also, will host a thrive teen meeting in the fellowship hall.  He’s planning to set the evening up in a way that will help the teenagers maintain social distancing yet still have helpful interaction with one another.  

Gradually, as this pandemic gets further behind us things will return to normal.


Don’t forget to go to our church website and print out the fill-in-the-blank sermon notes to get prepared for this Sunday's message.  That PDF file is there to aid you in staying engaged with the morning message. 

5th Sunday Fellowship

NOTE: Because of the pandemic, out of a heart of caution, we will not have our 5th Sunday fellowship which we previously scheduled for May 31st.  


We received correspondence from the Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina letting us know that while they've had to make some changes to the summer camp schedule due to the pandemic, our week of July 13-18 remains open for us to attend at this point.  They will let us know of any changes in the coming weeks.  But, at this point, we are looking forward to a great week of CAMP for our Teens and Juniors.


With Camp quickly approaching, please keep in mind our fundraising bake auction on June 7th, following our evening service.  Like last year, Vinny Lieb will be our auctioneer.  It's always a fun time and Vinny's spirit always makes it extra exciting!  Please plan to bring sweet treats that can be auctioned off for the sake of subsidizing the cost of Camp for the teens.  Thank you in advance!  


We plan to resume S.S. on June 14th at 9:15 AM.  Of course we will continue to apply the CDC's social distancing recommendations.  Many SS teachers have begun to pray for, and prepare for this exciting day.  We hope to see all in attendance.  

 "Attempt great things for God; expect great things from God." 

~ William Carey

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